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Online Hardening Windows Networks Training

DBG’s Hardening Windows Networks training is now available online. Based on more than 15 years of security assessment and penetration testing experience, this course goes beyond theory and best practices and delivers proven, field-tested solutions for mitigating, monitoring, and protecting Microsoft Windows-based networks.

Students will learn in a hands-on environment that resembles a real-world network, which includes Active Directory and common server and workstation configurations. Students will start by learning common exploitation techniques using Kali Linux and common administration tools, followed by implementing effective countermeasures to defend against these common attacks, tools, and techniques.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to apply operating system and Active Directory hardening techniques, mitigate legacy software risks, and design tolerant networks that are resistant to present and future threats.

Students will harden a network consisting of:

  • Windows 10 Workstation
  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Active Directory
  • Open Source Firewall
  • Open Source Proxy Server
  • Open Source Intrusion Detection
  • Log Collection & Analysis
  • Kali Linux


  • Common Exploitation Techniques
  • Windows Event Auditing
  • Active Directory Group Policies
  • Account & Password Security
  • Host Firewall Configuration
  • Software Restriction Policy
  • Oracle Java Deployment Ruleset
  • Proxy Server & Firewall
  • Log Monitoring and Alerting
  • SNORT intrusion detection

Students will take what they have learned during the course and apply it to a test network which mirrors the main virtual lab. This will include running automated attacks to test the implementation of:

  • Network intrusion detection, logging, and alerting
  • Core hardening concepts for Windows hosts

Please contact or your sales representative to register or to obtain a detailed course description.

Hardening Windows Networks Training tuition fee: $3,275.00 + applicable taxes.

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