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Always Learning

The world of information technology security moves at a rapid pace, but so do we. Our team of security specialists spend each day performing security assessments and doing constant research to keep our tools and ourselves up to date on the latest threats.

Knowledgeable Staff

Each member of the security testing team has a unique background ranging from system administrators, software developers, hardware specialists and more. Regardless of the issue, we have someone on our team that can give you an answer.

Learning and Teaching

Each and every day we discover and exploit new vulnerabilites. We also like to pass that knowledge along by hosting training courses all over North America. Let us teach you how to keep your network secure.

We Love To Travel

Our team of security specialists also perform internal on-site assessments. Can't give us external testing access? We'll come to you.

Is your corporate network infrastructure secure?

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We're well-known

Digital Boundary Group is pleased to be regarded as one of North America's premiere Information Technology Security Assurance Services Firms.

Network Security Assessments

Our objective is to ensure that the necessary security measures are implemented and integrated into your network infrastructure. Through our industry proven security assessment methodology, we will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining existing vulnerabilities and develop actionable recommendations to resolve the security issues at hand. More...

External Penetration Testing

External Penetration Testing is the process of assessing a network for external vulnerabilities and if found, performing a controlled attack to verify the results. This type of test is valuable in determining an organization's overall security posture. More...

Web Application Penetration Testing

A Web Application Security Assessment involves testing a running application remotely, without knowing the inner workings of the application itself, in order to find possible vulnerabilities. Our highly trained technical staff accomplishes this by conducting a series of methodical and repeatable tests to determine and work through all of the different application vulnerabilities. More...

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications can introduce unique vulnerabilities due to the enhanced feature set and permissions that are available on mobile platforms. Risks in additional contexts exist as well – they are more likely to connect to an untrusted WiFi access point or the device on which the app operates could be stolen. More...

SCADA Security Assessment

Most public and private utilities companies use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and control operations. Malicious exploitation of these systems could have significant and serious consequences for critical infrastructure services that the public relies on in their everyday lives. More...


Most organizations have some form of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution they trust to monitor their infrastructure for signs of Hackers, malware, and insider threats. The SIEM may be managed internally, outsourced to an MSSP (Managed Security Solutions Provider), or a combination of both. Early warning of a security incident is critical and allows incident response teams to quickly contain the threat and investigate the root cause of the breach. More...

Vulnerability Scanning

New Vulnerabilities are discovered daily that could leave your network open to attack. A regularly scheduled Vulnerability Scan can detect vulnerability and configuration inconsistencies enabling you to take immediate corrective action before a breach occurs. More...

Small/Remote Network Security Assessment

A remote security assessment verifies that the security measures taken at the perimeter of your network are successful and that any hidden vulnerabilities that currently exist will be exploited and addressed. These potential vulnerabilities can cause immeasurable damage to your organizations information and resources, and create many problems that may not be immediately apparent. More...

Wireless Security Review

Wireless communication is a quickly growing technology. As mobile broadband, coffee shop hot spots, and laptop usage increase, threats evolve and attacks become more complex. Wireless attacks are unique and need to be treated as such. Attacks unique to wireless include: roaming attacks, rogue access points, WiPhishing, and network resource theft. The need for additional technical resources with direct experience in network security, or simply the desire for increased efficiency of existing resources are the primary reasons for obtaining a managed wireless security solution. More...

Physical Security Assessment

A Physical Security Assessment provides an independent verification of the physical security measures implemented by an organization to protect its employees, assets and sensitive data. Verification of policy compliance, implemented security controls, identification of gaps, evaluation of risks, and prioritized remediation report. More...

Social Engineering

Social engineering / phishing techniques will determine the extent to which internal users may represent an exploitable vulnerability to your organization’s security. A social engineering test is included in DBG’s standard external penetration test process but can also be an independent engagement. More...

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