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End-User Security Awareness Training

Minimize your organization's operational risks and financial loss due to the lack of awareness in information security best practices. Our end-user security awareness course has been designed by our information security and instructional experts to conform to the internal needs of our clients. These practices have been implemented and tested repeatedly in the private and public sectors to ensure that policies and content are adaptable and exclusively available for your organization.


Providing a permanent, comprehensive, measurable, global approach to your organization's end-user security needs, this course will impart a homogenous level of knowledge that will reinforce good information security habits.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Offering cutting-edge content, based upon real-world scenarios and current issues
  • Having adaptable lesson plans that can be tailored to any organization's needs
  • Always conforming with industry standards and laws
  • Allowing for installation on various platforms (LMS)
  • Providing a complete glossary, audio, and post course quizzes to measure and track awareness levels, and as an extra incentive, a follow-up schedule of security awareness newsletters


  • Over 30 total years of experience in Security, Consulting and Infrastructure
  • Digital Boundary Group has performed security assessments/audits and penetration testing for over 250 North American clients since 2003.
  • We have also developed and delivered Network Security Training programs to Municipal Government, Law Enforcement, Utilities, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Education sectors.


Complete customizable internal communications program available, featuring links to any organization's policies and content.

You can download our course registration form here: Registration Form

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